Alexis Sqaured

Alexis Sqaured
Image by
Model Lexi P#1775532

Learning some new CS5 skills. Also applied and modified the Emily Soto action free until Jan 1.


AB 1600 boomed overhead with small Photoflex Octobox
1 Bowen Mono-light medium softbox camera left
2 AB (400, 1600) aimed at backwall in small Photoflex softboxes

Design from Photoshop Down and Dirty tricks for designers by Corey Barker.

21 thoughts on “Alexis Sqaured

  1. Totally see this as a high end store front display, youve got something here, even if youre goal isnt to sell your imagery to fredrics of hollywood, you could if you wanted to.

  2. Edward, nice work here – I could see this being used as a cover for some magazine or Victoria Secret – A++++

    Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012 we hope you will be a better year.

  3. [] [] [] [] Thx for the visit and comments

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