grumpy bastard, undershirt

grumpy bastard, undershirt
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since i hadn’t done a whore shot in a while, here. the shirt was mailed off to a desert elf a while ago, along with some other treasures. this was taken slightly more than six months after this shot. quoting from the epic typefest in the description:

the shot also reveals a bit of what cancer does to a body, which is why i used it. not being able to use my legs the way i used to means more body fat and less muscle. that gut alarms me, and the time i’m allowed on the bike or in the pool at the gym isn’t enough to make me lose the fat yet. another six months or so and i should be in better shape….

the last six months was full of physiotherapy and time at the gym. i allow myself one day off per week (and sometimes don’t take it), and do one physio session and one workout each day, for a total of between three to four hours, plus stretching. a lot of the work is intended to build core strength (recovery from heavy surgery really diminishes this, and it’s tough to gain back when you’re old) and leg strength. because of the knee troubles i lost a ton of muscle, particularly in the quadriceps, and while it won’t come back in mass, i’ve gained back most of the strength needed to get around.

losing the gut was the big challenge, but adapting diet (everything from changing the type of foods to portion size and times of meals, no simple and easy change) and tailoring some specific exercises for cripples, along with an increase in energy has lard central under control. having the knees replaced also means that weighing north of 100 kilos or 220 lbs is unwise, so when i began i aimed to get down to 90 kilos (198 lbs), something i thought highly unlikely, but today’s weight (which i hit three weeks ago and have maintained) is 83 kilos, or 183 lbs.

cancer is a fucking pain in the ass (and everything else) but it’s not impossible to kick it back and regain control over parts of your life that were thought to be lost – even after a terminal diagnosis, treatments, invasive surgeries and losing a deli counter’s worth of body parts.

i’m also yapping at the cat here, since he decided that the forbidden computer desk was his now that i’d moved from it.

18 thoughts on “grumpy bastard, undershirt

  1. oh come on. this doesn’t even show the stains on this thing. also, you’re cheating by not showing the wifebeater/underwear set.

  2. If I thought I could touch you without getting my hand bitten off, I certainly would love to run my fingers through your fur.

  3. [] stains? when i sent it to you, it was clean, so you must have tainted it and the underpants.
    [] one for the cyborg-fetishists.
    [] i rarely bite. i prefer my machete.

  4. [] you’re welcome. the whole trip has been interesting, and while i wouldn’t have chosen it, it fits well with my overall theme of being a bad example.
    [] i have a flavour, but it’s very bitter. best to have some miracle fruit on hand.

  5. [] i’m a distant relation, poisonweed.
    [] thanks. it takes time and creativity in unfamiliar areas.

  6. [] george prefers it when i wear black so his hair shows up more, and i only wear kevlar and shark suits for bdw since he thinks i’m a scratching post that dispenses catnip.

    hope you guys had a good trip, the boys were very well behaved.

  7. [] it was worn out, so it was either give it away, sell it on a whore website or clean up spills with it.

  8. [] thanks. the summer is a terrible time to be stuck in a gym, but must needs and all.

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