Start diet today

Start diet today
Image by Alan Cleaver
Time to lose weight. Picture is free for you to use. There are more free stock photography shots in my Freestock set.

16 thoughts on “Start diet today

  1. Great photo! Thank you for sharing it under the Creative Commons License.

    I’ve used it on my blog The Good Meal
    You are credited as the photographer and the link redirects to your Flickr profile. Please, let me know if this is OK or if you’d like it removed.

    Thanks again!

  2. thanks a million! We will be using it on in an article called "Why Am I not Losing Weight". Check it out!

  3. Great picture. I want to use it to complement my promotions about weight loss. With your permission I shall do so.

  4. [] By all means – Any of my pictures licensed for Creative Commons can be used freely for any purpose – Alan

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