Stay Healthy My Friends

Stay Healthy My Friends
Image by

Model Lexi P#1775532


2 Bowen mono lights aimed at background
1AB 1600 Boomed overhead in small Photoflex Octo

shutter: 1/125
f 14
ISO 100
Focal 58mm

25 thoughts on “Stay Healthy My Friends

  1. [] Many Thx. You can there are many processes and workflows. Start trying and you will find one you like.

  2. [] Thx Dennis. I belive she flipped the waist band over but I’m not sure. I do know that with my physique no waist band would be visible..ha ha

  3. [] google " Calvin Hollywood Skin Retouhcing Technique" ( i think someone may have even made a free action). Its the best skin touching technique I have found as it doesnt destroy pores so it looks natural and gives you total control. it will take you some practice using but its almost used like make up and added only to certaina reas that require.

  4. [] you got it. not on the creative side but on the mgt side. i fund creatives, and now I know how much they overcharge me..ha ha

  5. Fabulous job, congrats. I really need to nail the white seamless like you have.
    Thanks for the inspiration…

  6. [] nail is a stong "I golf". I play the game of golf but I dont know that I really golf. I sent you a resource that should help.

  7. [] Thanks Edward, for finally bring a model that can smile – not only is she good looking but her face is saying β€œI love to live”. Cool work with the white background you did a real good job here – and thanks for the smile ;-))

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