Sweet Summer Rainbow Fruit Salad

Sweet Summer Rainbow Fruit Salad
Image by Pink Sherbet Photography
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Photographer, D. Sharon Pruitt
Owner of Pink Sherbet Photography
Official Website, www.pinksherbet.com
Contact Email, pink@pinksherbet.com

202 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Rainbow Fruit Salad

  1. Gorgeous….love the colors! Sometimes the most beautiful photos come from everyday things we see!

  2. this shot is so great… it make me feel the freshness of this fruit salade in my extra-hot summer sunny day. Great use of colour, great use of selective focus and wide open aperture.
    All of your shots are so clean and colourful… I love your way of taking pics.
    Brava, molto molto brava! … chapeau!

  3. Las guindas negras que hay en esa macedonia, son unas endrinas de las que tras su maceración en anis, sale el rico licor al que por aquí llamamos PACHARAN

  4. too good to resist i am looking for one philomina decosta if she is watching then she may call on facebook and flickr

  5. Life is born with colorful blessing – comes in fresh tones, shades and even mixed.
    Be happy. Live it up!

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